The management of OHB Czechspace directs the organization’s activities and guarantees that top results are achieved. At the same time, it ensures that the company's work meets the “made by OHB” quality standard.

“One of our priorities for 2023 is to successfully complete the preliminary phase of the Czech satellite mission SOVA. Our ambition is to become the first integrator of complete satellite systems in the Czech Republic.”

Vít Pavelec, Managing Director

Vít Pavelec, Managing Director

Vít Pavelec is the Managing Director of OHB Czechspace since March 2023. He has over twenty years of experience in the leadership positions within several international companies, mainly in the aerospace industry. Pavelec joins the company from AERO Vodochody Aerospace, where he served as Senior Director for Customer Solutions and Support. Prior to that, he worked for over five years as a Regional Sales Manager for Europe at Bell Helicopter. From 2006 to 2014, he was with Honeywell International where he was responsible for technology transfers, transformation projects and product strategy for the Europe, Middle East, Africa, and India regions. From 2002 to 2006, he founded and led the Cromwell Group's branch in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Pavelec graduated from the Air Traffic Management at the Czech Technical University in Prague, and he studied the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in Chicago. In addition to his passion for the aerospace industry, he enjoys mountain bike and swimming. He is married and has three children.

Structural analysis

Our department of structural analysis engineers has experience with a wide spectrum of analyses ranging from basic stiffness verifications of individual structural components to very complex dynamic analyses at spacecraft level.

Daniel Rohel, Head of Engineering
Structural Analysis Department

We cooperate at European level on the development of new technologies and approaches for dealing quickly and effectively with new structural problems.

As an example, we can point to participation in a study initiated by ESA dealing with demisable mechanisms in satellites. In this case, the technology was based upon a thermal-sensitive adhesive material ensuring that the spacecraft would self-destruct upon re-entering the atmosphere at the end of its lifetime. Among other aspects, our engineers were able to find a way to properly evaluate and predict such an event.

Spacecraft design

Our team of spacecraft design engineers is diligently engaged on various tasks in the field of CAD modelling. These include comprehensive manufacturing drawings and documentation for all spacecraft structural components from the tiniest bolts to the sandwich-panel structures made of composite materials.

Spacecraft Desing Team Leader

We are also adept in working with advanced technologies like 3D printing and topology optimization. Our designers cooperate closely with the procurement department as well as with the manufacturing facility.

Our mechanical design department is currently finalizing the design and drawing documentation for the Hera space mission, wherein we are responsible for the entire structural subsystem of the exploratory spacecraft. Our responsibility also encompasses design and manufacturing of the mechanical ground support equipment for manipulation, transport, and testing.

Project execution

The executive team oversees the design of projects and their implementation from the feasibility evaluation phase, through detailed technical design, to the actual production and testing. The projects include a number of development activities that are necessary parts in implementing space missions. In the context of mechanical structures, the implementation team deals not only with the development and production of flight pieces, but also with models designed solely for testing and with mechanical support devices for their integration.

Ondřej Krepl, Head of Business Development & Technology Management
Business Development and Technology Management Team
Project Management Team
Peter Bednár, Head of Quality


We make sure that our engineers have optimal working conditions, which include appropriate technical equipment, an inspiring work environment, brilliantly organized work-related travel, and space for rest and relaxation.

We are looking for new talents among students and recent graduates, but also experienced engineers throughout Europe. We are successfully building an international team, and we strive to create space for the personal development and professional growth of each of its members.

We cooperate with universities, professional and industry platforms, and, last but not least, we endeavour to raise awareness that in the Czech Republic, and especially in Brno, there are top companies and experts in the field of space technology.

Finance and Administration Team
Representation at the World Engineering Convention 2023

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