Our Goals

Our mission is to make the Czech Republic one of the leading forces in the space industry. In OHB Czechspace, we believe that giving the Czech Republic access to space will bring technological and economic benefits to all its citizens.

Our work helps to solve fundamental issues of science and society. Whether we participate in the planetary defense mission Hera, exoplanet research PLATO or the measurement of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere CO2M.

In 2022, OHB Czechspace was awarded a contract by ESA for the Czech satellite mission SOVA to conduct the first phase of the Ambitious Project.

With a customer base of space agencies and companies from the space industry, our focus is to supply spacecraft and launcher structures as well as its mechanical ground support equipment.

Our projects

Our team is participating in the following projects

A career in space need not be merely a dream

We owe our success to our extraordinary employees, their passion for innovation and space, their commitment, and their initiative.
At OHB Czechspace, you will work on exciting state-of-the-art space projects while investigating heretofore unexplored fields with a true pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit.

Latest News from OHB Czechspace


Ensuring the quality and high standard of our services are the fundamental requirements for successful cooperation with our partners and customers. This is now proven by the internationally accepted ISO9001 Quality Management System certification, which we successfully passed in December 2022.

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