History, milestones

OHB Czechspace is one of the youngest parts of OHB group, and yet we have achieved many successes in a short time.

A Team of people in a discussion, sitting by a large "French" window.
A Group of people sitting in the sun, in  front of The Brno Planetarium
A standing group of people in a discussion in  a bright hall


  • OHB Czechspace s.r.o. commences business operations in Brno, Czech Republic. 
  • Ariane Wyen appointed as Managing Director.
  • First contract – after two months of business operations, OHB Czechspace joins a consortium with OHB System and RHEA System and begins work on the ESA Study AMCDF „Design of Space Hardware using a CDF like methodology“.



  • The company has 12 employees with the goal to double in size within the next couple of years.
  • Pavel Dobeš appointed as additional Managing Director.
  • The GMS-T satellite – together with its sister companies OHB Cosmos and OHB Sweden, OHB Czechspace is working for the first time in history on a space project for a private customer.


  • Hera – OHB Czechspace is awarded a contract from OHB System to supply the structural subsystem of  ESA’s planetary defense mission Hera.
  • PLATO – OHB Czechspace joins a consortium with INVENT to supply the Central Tube for this astronomical mission dedicated to detecting and characterizing terrestrial exoplanets suitable for life.


  • The company has 22 employees.
  • #WomenInSTEM – 50% of space engineers hired this year are talented women. 
  • The GMS-T launch – OHB Czechspace has flight heritage! The GMS-T telecommunication satellite successfully launched on board of the Electron launcher operated by Rocket Lab.
  • CO2M – OHB Czechspace becomes part of the team working on one of the most significant missions of the EU Copernicus programme known as CO2M (Carbon Dioxide Monitoring mission).