SOVA satellite in the orbit
©OHB Czechspace


SOVA is a Czech satellite mission, which is completely led by OHB Czechspace. The mission is a successful answer to the Ambitious Projects call of Czech Republic. SOVA satellite will observe atmospheric gravity waves in the middle and upper atmosphere. A better understanding of these proceses will help improve climate models and extreme weather forecasts. SOVA will be the largest Czech satellite, with weight by 100 kilograms, since the launch of Magion 5 in 1996.


Hera is the European Space Agency’s (ESA’s) planetary defence mission, whereby, working together with NASA scientists, the plan is to effect a change in an asteroid’s orbit period by colliding the DART spacecraft into a smaller body of the binary asteroid system known as Dimorphos. Hera’s part in the mission is to analyse the impact crater and various properties of the target asteroid. We at OHB Czechspace are participating in the mission by developing this spacecraft’s one-of-a-kind structure to ensure that Hera and its instruments will perform as they should.

HERA HERA spacecraft scanning an asteroid in a close proximity
An orange planet with smaller planets orbiting


The project PLATO (PLAnetary Transits and Oscillation of stars) is a mission of European Space Agency (ESA) focused on detecting exoplanets using a state-of-the-art scientific approach and technology. OHB Czechspace is responsible within this project for complete structural analysis and verification of the primary carrying structure composed of carbon fibre-reinforced plastic materials known as the Central Tube. This includes analysing and optimizing the LVA (Launcher Vehicle Adapter) ring, which is the main interface with the launcher.


The objective of the CO2 Monitoring mission (CO2M) is to provide Europe with operational capacity to monitor anthropogenic CO2 emissions. CO2M is a part of Copernicus HPCM, a new generation of Earth observation satellites operating as a joint venture between ESA and EU. OHB Czechspace will be responsible within this project for static strength verification of the satellite platform.

A Copernicus Satteltile scanning the Earth
©OHB System
A lander unloading cargo on the moon's surface.

ESA Studies

ESA studies consist of multiple activities within European R&D programmes, such as TDE, GSTP, and ARTES. Through these activities, promising technologies are being brought up to higher technology readiness levels with the goal to sustain and enhance Europe’s place at the forefront of space technologies on a global scale.

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