OHB Czechspace is a new partner of the Czech mission LVICE²

Since January 2023, OHB Czechspace is a new member of the consortium of the Czech ambitious mission LVICE² led by esc Aerospace. The cooperation was kicked off by a workshop of the consortium partners on Monday, January 30, in Brno. We were glad to meet there with representatives from esc Aerospace, Stellar Exploration and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague.

The LVICE mission is an ambitious project in all aspects and we are looking forward to participate in it together with all the Czech partners,"

Daniel Rohel, Head of Engineering.

Our OHB Czechspace team will be responsible for a wide range of structural analyses of the probe design. We will be involved in the design of the frame, which will ensure the connection of the structure to the fuel tank, as well as in the accommodation concept of the individual instruments (finding suitable locations for instruments, subsystems, science detectors, etc.) and their impact on the thermal properties of the entire structure.

LVICE² consortium partners' kick-off workshop
LVICE² consortium partners' kick-off workshop.


The LVICE² (Lunar VIcinity Complex Environmental Explorer) mission is a part of the Czech Republic's Ambitious Project programme. It is intended to provide a deeper understanding of the environment around the Moon, including answers to questions about radiation, plasma physics and the abundance of dust particles. This knowledge will help in planning future human missions to the solar system.

The spacecraft will carry into space its own instruments developed by Czech scientists from the Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Technical University and Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University. The mission is scheduled to launch in 2026.

More information on the mission website.