OHB Czechspace has become a new member of the Czech Space Alliance

The Czech Space Alliance (CSA) is an industry association of Czech space companies with a proven track record and skills in aerospace business. OHB Czechspace is the sixteenth CSA member.

"We are proud to be a new member of the prestigious Czech Space Alliance and to get the opportunity to help strengthen the Czech Republic's activities in the space industry," said CEO of OHB Czechspace Ariane Wyen.

The goal of the alliance is development of space industrial activities in the Czech Republic with an emphasis on increasing the competencies of Czech companies and obtaining comprehensive contracts with high added value. To achieve this goal, it is essential to have a support of state institutions, especially the Ministry of Transport managing Czech contribution to European Space Agency (ESA).

Czech Space Alliance

CSA was established in 2006 to present the skills of its members at national and international events and to establish communication and relationships between similar associations and space agencies, whether in Europe or beyond. The president of the alliance is Mr. Richard Pavlica from 5M.

The alliance consists of 15 companies from a spectrum of technology disciplines. CSA members include Advacam, Ats, Kyocera AVX, BBT-Materials Processing, BD Sensors, EGGO Space, ESC, Frentech Aerospace, Iguasa Software Systems, LKE, Rigau, Toseda, Thin Film Technological Service and UNITES System.

For more information visit the CSA website.