Comet Interceptor - Date with a pristine comet

©Thales Alenia Space (artist impression)

So far, spacecrafts have only encountered and explored short-period comets. However, these comets have made multiple trips around the Sun, altering their original appearance. Consequently, ESA has chosen the Comet Interceptor mission to study a pristine comet. Such a comet, making its first approach to the inner Solar System, promises invaluable insights into its early stages. OHB Czechspace is significantly contributing to the mission with engineering activities.

Yet, identifying pristine comets poses a challenge as they have not yet been detected. Observation becomes possible only when they fly close to the Sun, by which time it's too late to launch a mission. As a solution, the Comet Interceptor spacecraft will be stationed at Lagrange point 2, poised to intercept and explore a pristine comet once it makes its debut in the inner Solar System.

OHB Czechspace is contributing with engineering activities to spacecraft structure and AIT (Assembly, Integration and Test) activities to the dust shield, which is necessary in order to protect the satellite from the comet dust. The mission is led by the European Space Agency (ESA) in cooperation with the Japanese Space Agency (JAXA), the assumed launch will be in 2029.

You can read more information about project Comet Interceptor here.


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