SOVA satellite in the orbit
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An important milestone achieved! We continue to develop the ambitious Czech mission SOVA

At the end of February, the SOVA consortium led by the Prime contractor, OHB Czechspace, has successfully held the MDR milestone (Mission Definition Review) at the end of Phase 0 and was granted to continue to Phase A!

The main goal of Phase 0 was to define the baseline mission concept as well as to focus on the observation concept of the primary and secondary payload. Thanks to cooperation with our scientists from IAP-CAS, DLR and Forschungszentrum Jülich as well as engineer colleagues from OHB System and Meopta, we were able to define the observation concept baseline for measurement of the gravity waves in the atmosphere with SOVA’s primary payload and justified the scientific need to better the climate models. Furthermore, our secondary payload - silicone diode dosimeter justification wouldn’t be possible without contributions of the scientist from NPI-CAS.

Now, we head into Phase A during which we will demonstrate the feasibility of the SOVA mission and be another step closer to improving the global climate models and help with better prediction of extreme weather, as well as improving our understanding of impact of radiation on astronauts for the future manned missions to Earth’s orbit, Moon and Mars.

You can read more information about SOVA here.


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