We invite you to the exhibition Space Gems in Choltice

If you are a space enthusiast and would like to go on a trip to the Pardubice Region, then we have a tip for you!

From 27 April to 31 May, an exhibition of space gems will take place at the Choltice Castle.

The exhibition will feature a technological model of the first Czechoslovak satellite Magion and a complete collection of facsimiles of astronauts´ autographs who travelled to space between 1961 and 2021. Among other things, you will also find our model of the SOVA satellite, which is to become the largest satellite made in the Czech Republic.

SOVA is a Czech satellite mission, which is completely led by OHB Czechspace. The mission is a successful answer to the Ambitious Projects call of Czech Republic. SOVA satellite will observe atmospheric gravity waves in the middle and upper atmosphere. A better understanding of these proceses will help improve climate models and extreme weather forecasts. SOVA will be the largest Czech satellite, with weight by 100 kilograms, since the launch of Magion 5 in 1996.

Space Gems in Choltice
From 27 April to 31 May 2023
Zámek Choltice
Náměstí Sv. Trojice č.p.5
533 61 Choltice

Opening hours and more information can be found HERE



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