We are now proud supporters of the Czech Rocket Society!

The Czech Rocket Society is the first student organisation dealing with cosmonautics and rockets in the Czech Republic. They have an impressive portfolio of activities, and we are happy to announce that we became their partners.

The Czech Rocket Society is an independent organisation of university students who are interested in space and rockets. They provide opportunities to students that would like to connect their studies with practice, they allow members to work independently and experiment while building rockets.

The Society was established in the beginning of the year 2021 and the members have already worked on various interesting projects. They developed a rocket called Stopař, another rocket Sherpa was a project competing in the CanSat national competition. Moreover, they organise the Czech Rocket Challenge, a competition for university and high school students, which will take a place this year in July.

The aim of the Czech Rocket Society is to participate in European competitions, develop research, build more complicated rockets and even reach space.

We are proud that we can help the Czech Rocket Society to achieve their goals!