OHB Czechspace 5 years anniversary

Last week we celebrated the five-year anniversary of OHB Czechspace. We got together in our offices, cut the cake and celebrated the progress OHB Czechspace has made in these five years.

OHB Czechspace was established in 2018 and since then the company has grown with a number of great colleagues. Beyond that, we have worked and are still working on a lot of exciting projects. One example is the HERA planetary defence mission, which is scheduled for launch next autumn, and to which we provided a structural subsystem. We have also contributed to the PLATO astronomical mission, aimed at detecting and characterizing terrestrial exoplanets suitable for life. Our other projects include the SOVA mission, which we lead, and the feasibility study of nuclear electric propulsion for demanding space missions (so-called RocketRoll), which OHB Czechspace is leading as prime contractor. All of these projects have been carried out for the European Space Agency (ESA).

The celebration was also attended by colleagues from Germany - Dr. Markus Moeller (Member of the Management Board responsible for Business Development and Strategy, OHB SE) and Sabine von der Recke (Member of the Management Board, OHB System AG).