Czech Rocket Challenge

We invite you to the Czech Rocket Challenge organized by the Czech Rocket Society!


On July 12th, launch day of the Czech Rocket Challenge will take a place at the airport in Medlanky, Brno.

The competition is organised for high school and university students who design and build their own rockets. This Friday, more than 20 teams will launch their rockets. The competition is organised by the Czech Rocket Society. OHB Czechspace is a partner of this Society.

The Czech Rocket Society is an association of university students interested in rockets and aerospace. In addition to the Czech Rocket Challenge, members of the society build their own rockets and participate in various competitions with them.

We are very happy to support students in their extraordinary activities. At the launch day you will see, among other things, our stand with promotional items. Don't miss the opportunity to take part in the event!

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Czech Rocket Challenge
July 12 - start at 9:45 am
Medlánky Airport - Brno
More about the event here

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