Our Goals

We are at a unique time of opportunities in space. Although it might not be obvious today, this will be very clear upon looking back 15 years from now. Not only will our work impact upon great questions of science (as in the case of the PLATO mission) and society (as in the cases of the Hera and CO2M missions), but it also will help to inspire an entire new generation of pioneers and dreamers.

We believe that what we do at OHB Czechspace will place the Czech Republic among the true spacefaring nations. And that makes our work deeply satisfying

Working team around a table -  a model of ARIANE 6 space rocket in  the middle

Our projects

Our team is participating in the following projects

A career in space need not be merely a dream

We owe our success to our extraordinary employees, their passion for innovation and space, their commitment, and their initiative.
At OHB Czechspace, you will work on exciting state-of-the-art space projects while investigating heretofore unexplored fields with a true pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit.

Want to become a space pioneer?

Start your career with OHB Czechspace.
We have open positions for graduates, experienced professionals, and interns.

Open Positions

Latest News from OHB Czechspace


Lecture on asteroids, the launch of the DART mission and the HERA mission.
On Tuesday 30.11. from 18:00 in the Observatory and Planetarium Brno.

Dušan Majer (Cosmonautix), Pavel Gabzdyl (Brno Observatory and Planetarium), Dávid Klištinec (OHB Czechspace).

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The largest festival of space activities in the Czech Republic 5-12. November 2021 Let's meet at a festival full of space events for enthusiastic amateurs and professionals, students and teachers. Representatives of OHB Czechspace participate in many activities throughout the week.

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